CNC Sheet Metal Punching

Our sheet metal punching capabilites are fully automated and produce some of the most precise sheet metal works on the market
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CNC Punching

Here at Solitas we use our fully automated CNC sheet metal punching machine to produce some of the most precise sheet metal works on the market.

This fully automated system produces very precise shapes of all sizes and various metals. The process starts with the drawing being processed by our CAD (computer- aided design) system. From there the CAD system communicates with the punch machine, and from your drawings with the specified sheet metal, it will produce some if your most unique products, at a very high speed and precise time frame.

Capable of punching various types of sheet metal
Fast and precise
Completely automated
Huge array of specialist tooling to create your product
Up to 6mm thickness
0.7mm – 4mm thickness
0.7mm – 4mm thickness
0.7mm – 4mm thickness
Stainless Steel
0.7mm – 2mm thickness
Pre-coated materials
Thicknesses vary according to material.  Please contact us to discuss further.

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